Graviditets og ammevenligt badetøj

Svømning er en tryg og fordelagtig aktivitet for gravide. Mybellys sortiment af badetøj giver dig mulighed for at nyde en behagelig svømning under graviditeten og skabe en afslappende oplevelse i vandet for både dig og din baby.

Collection: Swimwear for pregnant women

We have designed a unique and exotic swimwear collection with a focus on you as a pregnant woman. This all-in-one swimwear collection gives you, as an expectant mother, a comfortable pregnancy swim and a stress-free baby swim.

If you are pregnant and would like to strain your body a little less, you can easily jump into the water and experience the feeling of weightlessness. Or if you experience problems with your back and pelvic pain, swimming is also recommended, as it is the gentlest form of exercise.

When you are going to Baby Swimming, you can also easily use MyBelly's baby clothing collection as it is breastfeeding friendly. Baby swimming helps strengthen your baby's many senses and gives your baby freedom of movement. During baby swimming, you also experience that you get very close to your baby.

Do you experience pelvic pain in connection with your pregnancy and do you find it more difficult to use the forms of exercise you usually do? 

MyBelly now allows you to experience weightlessness underwater in comfortable swimwear designed for pregnant women. Here you will find our swimwear for pregnant women.