Take good care of your MyBelly training and swimwear

To ensure that your MyBelly workout and swimwear stays beautiful and functional throughout your pregnancy and after, we have put together some quick care tips:

  1. Air out after use: Give your clothes a breath of fresh air by hanging them out after exercise.
  2. Cold Water Is Key: Protect the elastic fibers by always washing in cold water.
  3. Mild Wash: A small amount of mild detergent and half a cup of white vinegar is all you need to keep your clothes fresh and clean.
  4. Natural Drying: Hang your clothes to dry to maintain their shape and fit.
  5. Avoid fabric softener: To ensure that the elastic remains clean and intact, skip the fabric softener.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your MyBelly training and swimwear for longer and continue to feel supported and comfortable during your active pregnancy.

MyBelly – Because your comfort is our priority.

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