About MyBelly

MyBelly ApS was founded in 2021 by the designer Angela Namere. In 2018, she graduated from the Design School in Kolding and has subsequently designed clothes for Change Lingerie and LegoWear, clothes for active children.
However, with a family expansion came a new idea:

"When I became pregnant, it dawned on me that the selection of training clothes for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers was almost non-existent. I researched and found out that I was by no means the only one missing sports and swimwear that has the necessary quality, strength, support, and comfort and at the same time makes you look brand new.”

With experience in both elegant lingerie and practical children's clothing, Angela Namere created a series of designs for sports and swimwear. Design where there is both space for the stomach and the possibility of breastfeeding, as well as thinking about ongoing changes in fit and optimal comfort in the choice of materials and placement of stitching and buckles.

"It was and is my goal to design functional and aesthetically beautiful products, so that pregnant and new mothers can continue to train carefree and without discomfort from the clothes."

The first designs were an immediate success. An entire fitness team bought the first products, and 'MyBelly ApS' was founded in the spring of 2021.

Miami Swim Week 23

Our aim is to strengthen pregnant women physically and mentally. We are honored to be featured at Flying Solo Miami Swim Week 2023, marking recognition of our styles that seamlessly combine function and femininity. MyBelly offers great options for expectant and new mothers and helps them maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.