Determine your measurements in centimeters for the perfect fit

As a pregnant woman, it can be difficult to find out which size is right as the body changes.

When you're looking for the right size, it's about having the best possible comfort.

Below you will find the size guide with the specific measurements and if you need further guidance, please contact us and we will help you. We can be contacted at or in our chat function on the website.

Product info

Our pregnant and nursing-friendly Sports Bra and Swimming Bra can be adjusted both in the belt and the shoulders, so you can advantageously choose a slightly tighter bra.

Our bras and swimsuits have no actual cup but are sewn from a surface of several layers. This means that the bras easily allow your bust to grow.

Size guide

All measurements are given in Centimetres (CM).

  • A) You find your chest measurement by placing the measuring tape under your armpits and across the place where you are the widest.
  • B) Under bust measurement, you find by placing the measuring tape tightly under the bust.
  • C) You can find the waist measurement by placing the tape measure where you are narrowest.
  • D) You can find the inside leg length measurement by holding the measuring tape at the crotch and measuring down to your ankle.

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    Tøjet er elastisk og justerbart, så du kan vælge din sædvanlige BH-størrelse. Vores BH'er og badetøj har ingen faste skåle, hvilket gør dem ideelle til at tilpasse sig dine naturlige forandringer.

    Kontakt os, hvis du har brug for hjælp til at finde din rigtige størrelse 😊

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    • Goal:

      1. Chest measurement: Measure the width across the chest under the armpits and around the chest circumference.
      2. Under bust measurement: Measure the width under the bust and also measure the bust circumference.
    • Goal:

      1. Waist measurement: Measure your narrowest waist circumference.
      2. Inside leg length measurement: Measure from the crotch to the ankle and record the length.

    Sort Kollektion:

    Størrelse A: Brystmål B: Under brystmål C: Taljemål D: Indvendig benlængdemålet
    XS 68-88 66-81 60-80 78
    S 70-90 70-85 62-82 78
    M 78-98 74-89 66-86 78
    L 80-100 78-93 68-88 78
    XL 86-106 84-99 72-92 78
    XXL 98-118 92-102 80-100 78

    Blå Kollektion:

    Størrelse A: Brystmål B: Under brystmål C: Taljemål D: Indvendig benlængdemålet
    S 68-88 66-81 60-80 68
    M 70-90 70-85 62-82 68
    L 78-98 74-89 66-86 68
    XL 80-100 78-93 68-88 68
    XXL 86-106 84-99 72-92 68