Har du svært ved at holde dig aktiv under graviditeten?

Do you find it difficult to stay active during pregnancy?

You can

It is important to maintain an active lifestyle during and after ding pregnancy. During your pregnancy, you will reduce the risk of complications and have an easier birth. We know that it can be challenging for many pregnant women to stay active due to factors such as lack of time and logistical challenges with family. But to overcome these challenges, it is important that you create healthy routines and set realistic goals. Remember that small steps towards a more active lifestyle can make a big difference. It's also important to avoid giving up if you sometimes don't get exercise and in places focus on getting back on track.

You can read more about the benefits it has for you to stay active under the blog "Physically active during pregnancy"

If you need help getting started with your workouts and are looking for motivation, MyBelly offers a community with a network of experts who can help you maintain activity during and after your pregnancy. The slogan "Healthy mother, healthy baby" emphasizes our focus on health for both mother and child. We also offer training clothes that take into account your body's needs during and after pregnancy. See more on our website.

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