Graviditet og træning

Pregnancy and exercise

Strengthen your body during and after your pregnancy

When you are physically active during your pregnancy, exercise can have many positive effects for both your baby and yourself, including increasing your physical and mental health, your energy, you experience a better mood and you reduce the risk of becoming stressed.

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MyBelly is dedicated to supporting you as a pregnant woman, so we've created a community with a network of experts who can help you stay active during and after your pregnancy.

In this blog, we would like to introduce you to one of our experts in physiotherapy. First of all, we would like to give you a brief explanation of what a physiotherapist works with. Physiotherapists focus on improving the body's muscles, joints, bones and nervous system so that they are better and move more efficiently. Physiotherapy is often used to improve functional ability and relieve difficulties from, for example, illness or injury.

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You can get a subsidy for treatments by a physiotherapist if you are a member of Sygeforsikringen Danmark .

Meet Vejle Bäkkenklinik

Vejle Bækkenklinik offers physiotherapy for the treatment of pelvic-related problems as well as team training for pregnant women, so that you, as a pregnant woman, can maintain good shape during your pregnancy, but also after the birth.

Vejle Bækkenklinik's therapist, Marianne Schultz, has more than 30 years of experience in treating and training the body's muscles and joints, as well as more than 10 years of experience in treating the pelvic area. She has chosen to focus on the treatment and training of pregnant women because she has a great interest in the area and has experienced that many pregnant women did not have a place to go where there was a therapist who was a specialist in the treatment and training of pregnant women.

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