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Breast change pregnant

The first signs that you are pregnant are that you get strong breast tension, which also occurs when you have your period. The blood supply to the breast increases, the blood vessels become clearer and the breasts grow. The breasts grow differently from woman to woman, with some experiencing strong growth and others almost none. Those who experience strong breast growth get stretch marks and there is no treatment, in the form of cream, that can remove them. The strong breast growth is actually what causes sagging breasts and not the breastfeeding itself.

My breast change and mastitis:

During my first pregnancy, my breasts grew strongly and I experienced incredible pain in the breasts, especially when I was outside in the cold. I contacted my doctor, was told it was natural, so I bit into the pain. In an examination room, my mother looked at my chest and saw that it was completely dark underneath. She panicked and said you have chest infection call the doctor immediately.

It's unbelievable and I'm actually laughing a little about it now. I'm dark skinned so can understand that the doctors couldn't see the big difference the first time I was there and at the same time there are just a lot of things that are really unknown, even if you prepare, you can never prepare for the unknown, so seek advice from experts and ask stupid questions rather than none.

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